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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it threw our whole schedule off. >> repairs, to bad cables, not over yet. >> my task today is to get the
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>> the evidence that justifies the total shutdown. >> the conditions were very similar to what we experienced at the le plan plaza. >> right now, all six lines and 91 stations will be tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. >> metro crews have now finished their inspections. now they're trying to beat the clock. and finish those repairs. news 4 shomari stone has more with the updates. >> reporter: we're hearing the red, yellow and green lines have been inspected, they are ready to go tomorrow morning at 5:00. however, the blue, orange and silver lines are still being worked on at the foggy bottom station. that is the main issue right now, the foggy bottom station. the commuters tell it was a huge inconvenience, a lot of frustration for their rush hour commute home. but they say it is well worth it to make sur
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this is a picture of what metro calls a show-stopper, a torn underground jumper cable, one of the defects crews found in the shutdown. they're working through the night to check the last of 600 cables. >> 295 was packed. >> reporter: wizards fans at the verizon center had to jump through hoops to get to the game on time without metro rail service. >> it was a hassle. it threw our whole schedule off. >> i work downtown, and normally i just catch the metro to go over here. it's very relaxing. i have time to eat dinner and then go in and watch the wizards play. but i had to work from home today because i couldn't get downtown to work. >> reporter: he's relieved to be able to get back to work tomorrow. and he's not alone. >> it's an issue that if we can't fix
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to have single tracking or bus stations from station to station. >> we're sorry it has had to happen. we're aware of the inconvenience that was caused which closing down the system for the 29 hours. but we still believe today that we made the correct decision, because of safety. >> reporter: once again, the red, yellow, green lines, good to go tomorrow morning at 5:00. however, the blue, orange and silver lines once again are being wrkd on at foggy bottom. you're probably saying, what am i supposed to do? go to our nbc washington app and we'll update the latest information. our crews are working around the clock and they will make sure you get the information right on time. >> metro called this shutdown worthwhile. now we know just how necessary and potentially dangerous this situation was. this map shows the
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crews found issues today. most of them through the downtown corridor along the blue, orange and silver lines. now, many of those areas needed repairs to boost, to connect jumper cables to the rail. foggy bottom, again, foggy bottom not here. this is an update. mcphearson square and potomac avenue, metro found what it calls show-stoppers. frayed jumper cables. you can see exactly what they discovered today. those cables were exposed to the elements. metro tells us if the cables had been found in that condition on a normal day, they would immediately shut down the entire station to make emergency repairs. now those frayed cables don't mean a fire was imminent, but they are the same conditions that were found after the fire at mcphearson square on monday. and similar to what was found after the deadly smoke incident at the
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what maryland center barbara mccull ski said is needed to get it back on track. fox blamed d.c., maryland and virginia leaders for failing to promote a culture of safety. >> deliberate decision needed on the part of everyone involved in this, to focus relentlessly on safety. >> what so has me jazzed is after the 2009 accident in which self people died, we're still advocating for a culture of safety. >> jack evans said today the region needs to support metro with more dedicated funding. mikulski praised the manager for his decision to close the decision. he'll meet with local centers next month to lay out a plan of action. >> we asked you today if metro was right to close down the
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in, and the large margin said yes. we made it into the 70s. some of us even hit 80. what's this talk about snow now, doug? ? we are so done with that. >> i've got to tell you, about a week and a half said winter over, no more snow, that's at least the way it was looking. well, now, i guess you can never rule it out in the month of march. i should know better. take a look outside. 74 degrees the high temperature in d.c. 84 in richmond. really nice warmth across our region today. but look at the headlines tonight. another nice one tomorrow, cooler temperatures, and a possible weekend storm. this could be a coastal storm maybe a nor'easter, and it would have some snow associated with it. i'll talk much more about this coming up in about ten minutes right here from the storm center. >> thank you, doug. residents of more than a dozen apartments in prince georges county are finding a new pl
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massive fire sparked on the top floor of the complex on barn a bus road and spread to three alarms. firefighters were able to contain the fire to that one building there. no one was hurt. but everyone in the pulledingbu out of their home tonight. a man's home burned down in wood bridge. it happened early this morning, a neighbor stood by helplessly as it was destroyed. unsure if he was still inside. investigators can't go in until tomorrow, when a crane comes by to steady the home which is now unsafe. at least two other families in neighboring homes have been displaced. one firefighter was seriously hurt but he's expected to survive. the deadly ambush in prince george's county, police tell us ki colson was deliberately fired at by another officer in a case of mistaken identity. officer colson worked undercover, as you know, and
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police tell us michael ford was the one purposely shooting at police, and ambulance and vehicles passing by. all while his 18-year-old brother elijah recorded it. and after his 21-year-old brother malik drove them there. malik actually passed out in court today after being told he and elijah would be held without bond on attempted murder and assault charges. we just got our hands on testimony. we weren't expecting to hear until tomorrow. it shows state and federal government blaming each other for flint's water crisis. michigan governor rick snyder will testify that, quote, inefficient, ineffective and unactable bureaucrats at the epa allowed this disaster to continue unnecessarily. but the epa will say it's a manager deciding the city would switch to an untreated source to save money.
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to be fair, both sides admit some of their own failures, but the bottom line is this, lead started leaching into flint's water supply. up to 12,000 children may have been drinking and bathing in contaminated water. tomorrow morning michigan's governor and officials from the environmental protection agency will both be on capitol hill testifying before the house oversight and government reform committee. lead is toxic, and cdc said it may take years to know how much damage the water has done to those children. >> chris lawrence, thank you. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said it's fair and reasonable to allow the next president to choose the next skourtd justice. mcconnell wrote an op-ed for the usa "today," after president announced judge merrick garland as his pick for the supreme court. he received bipartisan support when the senate confirmed him for the federal appeals court.
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fight is not with the president's nominee. emotions running high in prince william county tonight over the controversial renaming of a middle school in dale city. many are downright angry over how the switch came about, and as jackie benson tells us tonight, some of that anger is generations deep. >> reporter: there was a lot of emotion here tonight. there was also some anger. >> please stop saying mr. god win was a separatist. people will retaliated because it's not the truth. >> reporter: the way the school board changed the name of the school was part of a swap. brokered to allow a new elementary school to be named for a county firefighter who died in the line of duty. the middle school name change created two groups of unhappy people. the first group says they feel the decision should not have been made without their input,
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reflects unfairly on godwin, who served two terms of governor of virginia in the late '60s and early '70s. >> godwin saw the error in his thinking and did a complete turn-around. he campaigned for championing the enactedment of the civil rights act. he corrected it. you have also made a huge mistake. with the name change. i usual you to correct it. >> reporter: supporters of the decision to name the school for dr. george hampton, a twished military veteran and community leader expressed bitter disappointment. >> we're seeing what has happened to some of our minorities. we don't get a fair shake. we really don't. >> reporter: at this point, it is not clear exactly what the school board plans to do. in prince william county, jackie ben sen, news 4. a virginia
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sentenced to 15 years in a north korean prison. the effort at home tonight to set him free. a relatively new safety feature about to become standard on all cars. how long before your new car could stop you in your tracks. we have new video of a jail break, by helicopter. what was waiting for these guys on the other side of the prison walls. the metro rail system was completely shut down today. we'll get you ready for tomorrow morning's commute. up-to-the-minute updates plus the road conditions and chuck bell will have your st. patrick's day forecas
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they're designed to prevent accidents, and soon automatic emergency braking systems will be added as a standard feature on nearly all new vehicles in the u.s. we expect to learn more tomorrow, but this is what we know tonight. 20 automakers are in on this deal, according to "consumer reports." that represents about 99% of the cars in the u.s. market. news 4 has learned that automakers will phase in the equipment for all cars by the year 2022. that will include backup cameras, radar and other sensors. u.s. officials are scrambling tonight to try to get a university of virginia student back home from north korea. the student was convicted of stealing a sign from his hotel there, and sentenced to more than a decade of hard labor. nbc's richard engel explains why he w
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strategy to get him home. >> reporter: 21-year-old otto warmbier looked disoriented as north korea's top court, where the university of virginia student pleaded for a light sentence. >> please save my life. >> reporter: he didn't get one. 15 years hard labor. >> i beg of you. i am only human. i have made the worst mistake of my life. >> reporter: but his crime, a human rights group said, was more like a college prank. the ohio native allegedly stole a propaganda banner from his hotel. warmbier said in his confession it was for a church group back home in exchange for a used car. north korea found him guilty of subversion. former governor, bill richardson, who has negotiated with north korea in the past, is working to secure warmbier's release. >> i'm trying to get him ea
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grounds, but keep the politics, the bad relationship between the u.s. and north korea out of the equation. >> reporter: warmbier's family has stressed that their son has apologized and called for his are elease. the white house today accused north korea of holding warmbier as a political pawn. richard engel, nbc news, istanbul. very special night for several well-deserving journalists in downtown d.c. the news director foundation held the annual first amendment award. tom brokaw was also honored as well as allison parker and adam war, the virginia journalist killed in an ambush on live television. zion said he'll never take freedom of speech for granted after his experience in iran. it was like a movie scene, but this was real life.
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escapes ever caught on camera. a hijacked helicopter hovered over a canadian prison yard while two inmates try desperately to grab a rope. eventually the helicopter landed on the roof, the inmates got in and were air lifted to a nearby getaway car. this whole scene played out for six minutes, as unarmed prison guards watched. both men were captured hours later and they're still behind bars. this all happened three years ago in quebec, but authorities just released the video. >> this is how we got the camera back here in washington, about three, four years ago. >> i had to hold on the entire time. it was cold that day. but if you remember, my hands were frozen to the rope. >> we're glad you made it. you're going to need your strength for the weather to come, right? >> i've just got to mention the word frozen. i didn't think we would see any more snow this season. >> i remember you saying that. >> let's show you what we're dealing with now. we're talking even after today's
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snow coming up on sunday. not a sure thing, but something to be watching. right now, a very nice night, 56 degrees, winds are calm, mostly clear skies across the region. a few showers earlier, but those are gone. look at the difference here. anytime we clear out with light winds, temperatures go bananas here. 49 culpepper. loray at 64 degrees. temperatures all over the board here. they'll moderate by early tomorrow morning, everybody will be on the cooler side. one storm around salisbury toward ocean city, the rest of us on the dry side. tomorrow, same deal as today. mostly sunny for the most part. a few clouds during the afternoon. here's 12:30. sunshine, nice and warm once again. we'll see a few showers, that's all they're going to be, just a few showers coming on through. light to moderate, not expecting anything too heavy. we'll watch it during the er
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we've got one huge storm here. a cold front, that's what came through earlier today. we've got another front back to the west of the another piece of energy here coming around chicago, st. louis. that's what's going to come through during the day tomorrow. so we will see some isolated showers. you can see that spin, some snow, lots of snow back towards minneapolis, up towards the green bay, wisconsin, area. for us, our storm comes this weekend. tomorrow, no problems. nice and mild, 65 gaithersburg, 69 culpepper, 67 in leesburg. nice and mild all the way around. back to winter. really? yeah, you know, we've got an area of low pressure that will move up the coast. this coastal low could become a nor'easter and some of the computer models actually giving us some snow. it's just hard to get accumulated snowfall in the month of march. snow is looking likely. but hard to accumulate. so even if it snows for a few hours, the roads are going to be okay, maybe a very pretty snow.
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watch. we have a lot of time to figure it out between now and sunday. tomorrow, st. paddy's day. 62 on friday. 50 on saturday. so a cool saturday. highs upper 40s to around 50. a good chance of the rain or show coming sunday. much more on this early tomorrow morning. but i'm looking towards next wednesday. look at the book ends, 69 tomorrow, 68 next wednesday. don't worry about the sunday snow. >> just focus on the end. >> sunday. >> thank you, doug. you bet. john wahl leads the wizards ose step cl
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from here on, it's almost must-win, game after game. >> two and a half games back of the final spot in the eastern conference. they need to win from here on out. earlier this week, john wall said the next two games for the wizards would determine their season. the all-star definitely played like the season was on the line tonight, matching his third triple-double of the year, as wizards win back-to-back games in blowout fashion. with the victory, they take the season series from chicago. john wall did it all. hand in his face, knocks down the jump shot. wizards up 11 at halftime. later on he wasn't just scoring, delivering the ball, too. here's junior knocking down the three-pointer. porter has
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defender. he scored 20 points. more from john wall. coming up with the steal here. good defense. no one stopping him. he'll goll the way, and his third triple-double of the season, sixth of his career. 29 points, 12 assists, 10 rebounds. wizards take this one 117-96. college basketball. george washington opening things up at home. second half, the sophomore with the big-time flush there. he scored 15 points for the colonials. under 20 seconds to play now. hofstra is down. green right to the bucket and scores. we are tied at 80 with 13 seconds left. george washington not playing for overtime. alex
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there. the fadeaway. how about that for your game-winner. w takes this one 82-80. elsewhere, buzz williams and the hokies. game went to overtime. the sophomore buries the triple. virginia tech is up three. in the overtime session, back to a one-point game, under a minute to go. nice drive there. he dropped 28 tonight. virginia tech takes it 86-81. just a few hours ago, the maryland terps arrived in spokane, washington. maryland plays south dakota state on friday. they'll practice tomorrow. our very own cara maloney will have live reports for you throughout the day. at the verizon center today, rocking there. gene simmons, the legend. he welcomed the a
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arena football is built as a faster, more entertaining game than the nfl. what a day at verizon center. >> it is such an awesome fan experience going to those games. i can't wait. >> yogot season u
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it was quite a big night for prince georges high school seniors. they held an event called inspiring leadership and excellence, a new initiative to honor
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ships. two students from each school were chosen. congratulations to all those scholars. >> good for them. that's going to do it for us. the "tonight show" with jimmy fallon is heading your way. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow.
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